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Quality & certifications

At Detpak, we maintain the most highly recognised global standards for food safety and quality consistency. Our products are manufactured in a food certified packaging facility so you can be assured of the highest quality standards.

We adhere to strict standards in all our facilities, as certified by independent organizations. We are audited regularly by the following certification bodies, as well as some of the world's biggest brands, multiple times a year.

Level 1 BEE partner

Detpak forms part of Mpact, the largest paper and plastics packaging and recycling company in Southern Africa. Listed on the JSE, we hold a level 1 BEE score.


British Retail Consortium Global Standards, recently renamed as ‘Brand Reputation through Compliance’ guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria, ensuring manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for consumers. It is the most stringent food safety certification in the global food packaging sector, and certification shows a proven commitment to food safety and quality systems. Detpak holds BRC AA certification for 2 consecutive years.


The Forest Stewardship Council is an international organization aimed at promoting responsible forest management, ensuring the integrity, credibility and transparency of paper and associated forest products. By displaying the FSC logo, Detpak declares that the paper or board material used in this product is sourced from responsible forestry, and the supplier has been audited for evidence of sustainable and ethical practices. It also means the raw material is renewed at an equal rate to its consumption. Plantation forests are a good example of a sustainable paper source. Detpak only uses paper and board from large reputable raw material suppliers, who we regularly audited.

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Mpact is one of the leading paper and plastics packaging manufacturing businesses in southern Africa as well as the leading recycler of recovered paper and plastic.


Detmold Group is a leading manufacturer of paper and board based packaging products for a diverse range of customers.