At Detpak, we champion recycling as the ultimate environmental solution for single-use packaging, innovating to enable our products to live again as part of a circular economy.

Make the move to a Circular Economy

We champion recycling as the best end of life solution for single use packaging to ensure valuable resources live again, contributing to a circular economy.

Currently most countries use a linear model of waste disposal. That is, we take, make, use and dispose of resources - giving them only one life before they are sent to landfill.

Responsible Packaging

Moving to a circular economy is about designing out waste and pollution and keeping resources at their highest value for as long as possible. Transitioning to a circular economy is a vital element in rethinking economic progress to sustain our planet for the future.

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation has been a key driver in this global movement.

Environmentally Friendly Packaging
Sustainable Packaging

Understanding the Waste Hierarchy

The waste hierarchy outlines an internationally accepted set of priorities for the efficient use of resources.

The hierarchy guides us through from the most favourable to least favourable outcome for material use and end of life disposal.

While we know reducing or reusing resources is best for the environment, we strongly believe recycling is the best option when it comes to single-use packaging.

Why choose recyclable packaging

When you choose recyclable paper and board packaging, you are supporting the global move to a circular economy.

Detpak specialise in sustainably and ethically sourced paper and board based packaging, designed for recycling.


  • Keeps materials in the productive circular economy
  • Reduces the need for virgin materials
  • Saves valuable resources from landfill.

Where recycling is not available or there is a high rate of food contamination, then composting is the next best option if there are commercial composting facilities available in your area.

Educating your customers to remove food waste from packaging to allow for recycling is a great way to make a positive difference.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Mpact is one of the leading paper and plastics packaging manufacturing businesses in southern Africa as well as the leading recycler of recovered paper and plastic.


Detmold Group is a leading manufacturer of paper and board based packaging products for a diverse range of customers.

A note on delivery costs

We offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa for orders of R1,495.00 and above.

A flat rate of R150.00 is applicable to orders below R1,495.00.

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