Sustaining our future

At Detpak, our approach to the environment is all encompassing. We are a company with an environmental focus, so we are constantly striving for improvements and innovations to sustain our environment, as well as guarantee our own future.


You can make a positive impact on your community by making sustainable packaging choices. Working with Industry and collaborating with our customers, Detpak offer a range of packaging options to meet your needs, and they are responsible, by design.

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Sustainable raw material

Everything that goes into manufacturing Detpak products is assessed for its impact on the environment. We only use paper and board from large, reputable raw material suppliers, which means no old growth forests are used. We keep the use of inks and adhesives to a minimum, and use water-based inks and glues as a more environmentally-friendly alternative to solvent-based products. Detpak is committed to using ethically sourced raw materials.

Responsible manufacturing practices

We regularly assess and update our manufacturing practices to ensure our processing is as sustainable as possible, and is in line with, or ahead of industry standards. We are always aiming to reduce our inputs, including lowering our power and water usage.

At Detpak, we are also mindful of our own use of packaging, and we use the minimal amount of packaging when delivering our products to customers. Our waste is always disposed of in line with Environmental Protection Agency approved practices.

We maintain the most highly recognised global standards for food safety and quality consistency as we are BRCGS certified. Our products are manufactured in an approved food packaging grade facility so our customers can be assured that they achieve the highest quality standards.

Packaging Suppliers In Johannesburg

Packaging choices

At Detpak, creating a packaging solution which aligns with your specific environmental goals and packaging needs is as simple as possible.

To help you make an educated decision, every product on our website has listed its raw or base material and the Environmental Checkpoint, which signifies whether it’s sustainable, compostable or recyclable.

What does sustainable mean?

The paper or board material used in this product is sourced from responsible forestry, and the supplier has been audited for evidence of sustainable and ethical practices. It also means the raw material is renewed at an equal rate to its consumption. Plantation forests are a good example of a sustainable paper source. Detpak only uses paper and board from large reputable raw material suppliers, who we regularly audit.

What does compostable mean?

This product is biodegradable and compostable, and suitable for treatment in a commercial facility where it will break down within 90 days as defined by EU standard EN13432. Treatment at a commercial composting facility means the products will be subjected to optimum amounts of sunlight, temperature and moisture to break down. Compostable products can be placed in home compost bins, but the time it takes to break down will depend on how well you tend your compost heap. Compostable plastics should not be placed into regular kerbside recycling streams.

What does recyclable mean?

A product or material is recyclable if it can be collected and re-manufactured into a new product within South Africa. If a Detpak product is listed as recyclable, it means this product can be readily recycled via kerbside recycling streams once food residue has been removed.

End-of-life disposal

Detpak forms part of Mpact with their focus on waste management and resource recovery, developing sustainable options for product disposal and diverting products into new recycling streams.

As part of our membership to FibreCircle, the PRO (Producer Responsibility Organization) of the paper and paper packaging industry, Detpak is legally compliant in terms of the National Environmental Management Waste Act (NEMWA, 2008) and proactive in meeting its obligations as a local manufacturer to promote resource efficient packaging design; the recovery and recycling of used packaging; and reducing the incidence and impact of litter.

The Detpak team can advise you on the best packaging options to suit your disposal or recycling expectations.

Responsible Packaging

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A note on delivery costs

We offer free delivery anywhere in South Africa for orders of R1,495.00 and above.

A flat rate of R150.00 is applicable to orders below R1,495.00.

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